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“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.”


The Equinox Trust is an organisation that strives to bring something unique, something different and something meaningful to people looking for change.

We believe in the human potential of people to heal themselves; to change to a positive outlook no matter what negative circumstances have been faced. We empower people to heal themselves!

The Equinox Trust is a non-profit organisation offering empowerment, support and therapeutic programmes to communities, individuals and groups in need.


the equinox trust

The goal of Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning is to translate time spent with horses into a meaningful and healing experience.


the equinox trust

donor-funded programmes

Donor-funded Programmes

We offer programmes for women and girls who have experienced trauma, as well as caregivers who need extra psychosocial support due to the secondary traumatic stress they experience through their work. These programmes are fully funded by a variety of donors and run for a set length of time.

Therapy - Individuals, couples, families

Therapy - Individuals, couples, families

Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning can help address both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, the expression of emotion, coping skills, self-esteem, teamwork and relationship issues. It is a non-judgmental and gentle process that is client focused and centered around the premise that clients have the solutions to their own problems...


Wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace

Investing in a wellness package for your employees is a good way to help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors in the workplace. This has a positive umbrella effect on companies, as all employees play a significant part in shaping workplace attitudes and the overall working environment...




The natural therapy options that are now available at The Equinox Trust are inspired by one of our Trustees and facilitators, Nicola Michl. Her passion for natural healing has...


the equinox trust

Our professional, certified facilitating team (made up of a mental health professional and an equine specialist) enable an interaction between client and horses. The horses respond to a client’s behaviors and the energy they put out into the world, and clients then get a chance to try out new behaviours and patterns with the horses in a safe and supportive environment.

The programmes we provide are fully funded for those in vulnerable communities and the services we offer to the general public are a paid service.



the equinox trust

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the equinox trust

A beautiful testimonial from a lady from Dews of Quietness NPO, sharing her experience of the equine programme.


Listen to Sarah & Fiona speaking about their work with Valkenberg Psychiatric patients on the Cliff Central's "Beyond Madness" podcast:

What people have to say

the equinox trust

“As a sixteen year old girl, coming from a house that doesn’t feel like home, I’ve never felt as content anywhere else but here. These past few weeks I’ve grown comfortable to the familiar feeling of safety and security. Now I have to slowly say goodbye, something I’ve resented my whole life. I always hated the thoughts of goodbyes yet somehow this one isn’t as sad, it’s a beautiful farewell that I’ll always treasure.”

Dews of Quietness teenage girl

“I, Franceline, started horse therapy 8 weeks ago and I did not know what to expect at first and I was nervous. My first two pictures I saw were, three horses standing on a hill and one wandered away and that was when I realized how far away I was from the people who loved me. Touching the horse for the first time in my life was a miracle and the fear I had in me was gone and I felt relieved and relaxed. I learned how to cope with a lot of things that happened around me. I became a better person and started interacting more with other people around me and it is good to speak up. One day I came across this horse and I called her Tracey. It is amazing how the horses can feel your pain. Attending this program made me a better person in many ways. I can cope with much more since I have been part of this program and I also realized over this past 8 weeks that there are certain things we know but could never see in reality and I got the opportunity to experience it now and I am more relieved and relaxed and coping with a lot. For me it was an amazing experience throughout this journey. I was more excited to see what is happening in the following weeks and could not wait for the next sessions. I am in a better space in my life now and know how to deal with a Iot more that I didn't know how to deal with in the past. The time I spent with Tracey was exciting, priceless and the team atmosphere was great. We could feel one another's pain and we could motivate each other. Thanks to the Nickalle, Fiona and the team who worked together in this program.
I salute you

Dews of Quietness woman

“Dear Fiona and Sarah,

As I started the program with you late in 2020, I was probably the biggest sceptic that you had ever had. My initial intention was to do the program to familiarise myself with the type of therapy. I wanted to familiarise myself with “horse therapy” to at least have an idea of what the therapy was about. I didn’t believe that there was much benefit to be had from this form of therapy and had serious doubts of its efficacy at the time.

As mentioned, I didn’t have high hopes and went through the motions just for the experience and enlightenment. What ensued was quite remarkable. As the program progressed, I found myself opening up more to this form of therapy and its efficacy. The inner peace that the horses and your guidance provided me with at a time in my life that was highly stressful, was nothing short of amazing. With your process, I became grounded, centred and balanced. This enabled me to return home feeling calm, energised and able to focus on the work that I was completing at the time.

I can with the greatest of certainty say that your program worked wonders for me and I will recommend it to anyone who can benefit from it. The program aided me in confronting many thoughts and emotions that were not always possible to verbalise and to make sense of. Because I had the time and space provided by you to work through them in the presence of the horses, it assisted me to become calm and positive about my end goal because I could see a way forward again.
Thank you so very much for providing the platform, your guidance and for your patience.”

Hope House carers programme

“It’s always interesting to see the various ladies’ reactions to being identified as candidates to benefit from the Equinox Trust. From anticipation and trepidation to confusion, fear and excitement. Yet by the time they attend the growth at first is quiet and subdued but then thereafter it erupts into a tangible enthusiasm by standing and waiting for the transport to arrive to get to the farm. The trip and journey that the programme takes them through from self-discovery and reassurance to letting go and facing forward is one that aids in firmly rooting a strong sense of self-awareness better propels further empowerment. It is a programme that we endorse and share widely about our partnership.”

Social Worker, Sisters Incorporated – 16 April 2021

“I will have a better relationship with my children now: I want to be there for them.”

Women Trauma Survivor testimonials

"I never knew how horses could have such a good effect on me. They helped me overcome my fear of going home."

Women Trauma Survivor testimonials

“I am so thankful for your wonderful programme and still shocked to see how the girls have grown and got out of their comfort zones. Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience with BRAVE.”
“The fact that the girls had no confidence when they came and didn’t know what to expect or what is expected from them, but the end result individually is mind blowing, the fact that they can speak so boldly with the group and encourage others to speak as well as the courage to say what they want in their last session and taking ownership of it. Teamwork and togetherness, creating a sisterhood and showing support.”

Brave/Rock Girl teen programme

“I found this type of therapy to be so gentle but super enlightening and powerful. I am in awe of the way the animals reflect the emotions toiling inside. A safe space to explore one’s life… I cannot recommend the Equinox Trust’s therapy modality enough!”

Private client May 2021

“I am grateful for the partnership that we, Sisters Incorporated, has with the Equinox Trust. Our ladies really look forward to the sessions! It has tremendous impact on their path of healing!”

Sisters Incorporated Manager

“Animals can offer an extraordinary amount of emotional support, and this is exactly what The Equinox Trust does. Fiona and Sarah, along with the horses, have left a lasting impression on those that have benefitted from this amazing experience. Thank you for all the work that you have done and that you are still doing – Dews of Quietness looks forward to walking many new journeys with you. We appreciate and salute you! Horses really are the best therapy!”

Dews of Quietness Founder

“We, the Nussbaum Foundation of which I am a Trustee, have been supporting Equinox for several years now. We have been super impressed by all their programmes and what they have achieved on so many levels. So much so that we have added them to our “annual donation list” as we truly believe in what they do. I have no hesitation in recommending that anyone support this worthy organization.

Trustee of The Nussbaum Foundation
28 July 2020”

Donor testimonial