Testimonial of Equinox’s Caregivers and Mental health professionals programme in 2016

Last year from March – April 2016, my colleagues and I had an opportunity to participate in
the caregivers and Mental health professionals programme.

I must say it was quite an interesting and challenging experience having been in the arena,
surrounded with animals twice / thrice my size not having any knowledge with working with

I remember the very first session with the horse’s I was petrified just being around them and
having them come any closer to me, the sessions thereafter were liveable in terms of I had
to self -talk myself and challenge myself to overcome the fear of the unknown (what would
the horses pick up that I don’t necessarily know about myself).

I must say two things stood out for me about myself through the activities that were done.

1. Following rigid rules that don’t leave room for creativity or adaptability frustrates me
and can bring out the rebel in me or the despondent side of me.
2. Working in a client professional setting with a male figure or a father figure who
portrays an overpowering, dominant and arrogant role within his family can also bring
out either the feminist in me or the “I don’t want to work with you because it’ll be too

The reason I highlighted these two points was because I had always seen myself as a calm,
I’ve got this under control person. So, it was quite interesting to see that, certain things bring
out certain sides to me.

With that said, I think, having this type of programme that is catered to the caregivers and
Mental health professionals is a great initiative because one gets to tap into areas that they
weren’t aware of as well as they become aware of what to work on as a mental health
professional or a caregiver.

Sarah & Fiona does do a great job.