Alternative Healing


The natural therapy options that are now available at The Equinox Trust are inspired by one of our Trustees and facilitators, Nicola Michl. Her passion for natural healing has lead her to offer holistic modalities that can provide an alternative to traditional therapies.


The horse is a master teacher in opening the heart channel – our intuitive connection to nature and the universe. They gift us to discover…inspire…restore…transform…reclaim our POWER.



Horse Guided Wisdom Cards:

The Horse Guided Wisdom Cards are a tool of inner wisdom and guidance, as readings give a person insight to patterns, emotions or any present belief systems that potentially are holding back the expansion of the True Self. The cards present metaphors that  can be applied further in various ways to deepening the path to uncovering blockages on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.These are online readings and further sessions to integration and support can be arranged.


“The horse card reading was unbelievably accurate, even linking my current emotional challenges to physical, bodily experiences that I was having. They bring an amazing level of wisdom and an insight into your psyche and serve to complement any journey of self discovery.” – Anon.


For more information, contact or 072 1764262


Life Wheel Journeys:

In collaboration with Olivia Badach, the ‘Human Spiral Earthwalk’ was born. The Life Wheel Journey helps those that seek an intimate, non-ordinary approach to connect to their lives.
The sessions are shamanic in practice, creating a sacred, safe space to unlock inner strengths, perceptions and healing guided by nature, elements, animals, and ultimately the horse. It is in truth a “W-holistic” path to walk towards  “Wholeness”.