• The Equinox Trust

    We believe in the human potential of people to heal themselves. We equip people with skills to make positive choices and changes when faced with challenging circumstances. We empower people to change their lives.

  • “Horses change lives…

    “The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact
    with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.”

    ~ Sharon Ralls Lemon

  • Choices…

    Through engaging with horses, people have a safe space to make choices and determine what they want in their lives.

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  • Testimonials

    • Last year from March – April 2016, my colleagues and I had an opportunity to participate in the caregivers and Mental health professionals programme. I must say it was quite an interesting and challenging experience having been in the arena, surrounded with animals twice / thrice my size not having any knowledge with working with […]

      - Testimonial of Equinox’s Caregivers and Mental health professionals programme in 2016

    • What a lovely report and what deep and spot on insight into each child after just 6 sessions! I am so happy that what you spoke of when Sue and I met you quite a long time ago now, has become a reality, and is making such a big difference in our children and so […]

      - Testimonial from the Director of HOKISA

    • To whom it may concern, At 9 years old myself I was introduced to the wonder of horse riding. During our school holidays my sister and I would spend time on the Farm with the horses – not riding, but grooming, washing them, cleaning out their water and feed bins and tending to their needs […]

      - Imhoff Waldorf School testimonial

    • Hi guys, I just want to say thank you for showing me things that I didn’t experience in life. And also with the horse training I didn’t know that horses are like humans in their own way that they also feel pain, feelings. They also communicate in their own way. I’ve realised that animals are […]

      - Testimonial from our HIV/AIDS Programme

    • “The Equinox Trust is doing phenomenal work and the participants from our school loved and benefitted tremendously from this program. I am truly grateful that they were afforded the opportunity to grow in love, care and responsibility. – Daniel Raubenheimer”

      - Imhoff Waldorf School teacher testimonial

    • “I felt more strong because it made me more trustworthy and caring. It changed my feelings because it taught me not to run away from fear but to face it. It has become my healer to my soul and makes me more fearless. It changes a lot of my body and senses and it gives […]

      - Testimonial from a HOKISA participant (HIV/AIDS programme)

    • It was an eye-opening experience to watch our children’s confidence grow during the 6 weeks interaction therapy with your horses. Our little girl who on the first day would not even get close to the animals and needed 5 sessions to let go of your hand, helped cleaning their hoofs at the end. Our boy lost his shyness and...

      - Chair – St Francis Outreach Trust

    • Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for all your and Nicola’s encouragement; you both have been a very instrumental part of my journey and have carried me through some very dark and scary places. Deep within my soul I am forever grateful to you both for allowing your talents and gifts to serve and impact […]

      - Testimonial from a private client

    • Working with clients on their journey is a privilege for us and we are rewarded every day when we see moments of change and empowerment. We recently worked with a client who is willing to share her journey with the horses in her words. Her words take you through her journey from beginning to end […]

      - Private client testimonial

    • I was privileged to attend an event with The Equinox Trust in October to raise funds to develop much needed empowerment programs for underprivileged communities. The location was fantastic and the session was both professionally run and highly informative. We were split into small groups and given the opportunity to experience tai chi, bowen, reiki […]

      - Catherine – testimonial from our fundraising workshop

    • “Being in this horse therapy has taught me a lot about me, also I’ve realised where I make mistakes in life, my weaknesses for the fact that the horse stopped. But I’ve learned that I don’t need to give up easily and that sometimes it’s good to rely on and trust people. I have learned […]

      - Testimonial from an Abused Women programme

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