the equinox trust


the equinox trust

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has contributed to The Equinox Trust.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Financial Support & Donations:

the equinox trust

National Development Agency

National Lotteries Commission (NLC) –

Heather Bromfield

Wendy Wylie



Rainbow of Hope

The Lewis Group

Industrial Development Corporation

C & E Harding Charitable Trust

The Vital Foundation

The Citadel Philanthropy Trust

Community Chest


SA Children’s Home

The DG Murray Trust

Skybound Capital Pty Ltd

The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation

The Rice Foundation Trust

NedGroup Trusts

The Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation

The Beck Family Foundation

HCI Foundation

The Schonberg Trust

Old Mutual Staff Volunteer Fund


Saartjie Baartman Centre

Michael Bromfield

Colleen Addison

Alexander Michl

Judy Hilton-Green

Catherine Day

Rita Glauser

Allister Rogan

Donations in kind:

the equinox trust

Susanne Goodman
Nikki Wylie Catlin
Judith Davidse
Tamarin Roger-Lund
Dee San Giorgio
Monika du Sautoy
Tao Farren-Hefer
Bonita Nuttall
Star Social Media
Kuda Holdings


Annual Horse Expo

the equinox trust
Our annual fundraiser is an exciting event that focuses on the horse community of the Western Cape. We host a Horse Expo where all people involved in the horsey world can share what it is they do and show off and market their business, service, talent, club, stud etc.!

The impact of our inaugural Horse Expo in 2020 was a wonderfully successful day with just under 500 people attending on the day, horse performances that wowed the crowd and got people cheering and vendors selling amazing products and services. It was a day of unity, bringing the horse community together to celebrate the horse.

Keep an eye out for details of our 2022 event coming 27th February!

Yoga in the paddock

the equinox trust
Enjoying yoga at The Equinox Trust, whether you are a newbie or an expert, has a different twist to it. We offer regular Yoga in the Paddock mornings at our Noordhoek venue with our horses and all proceeds go towards our empowerment programmes.

These yoga sessions are a chance for you to interact with our herd of horses in their natural environment and experience a new way towards inner peace, confidence and strength. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on upcoming events.



The Mike Bromfield Fund

the equinox trust
In memoriam of a wonderful man who so believed in our purpose, supported our passion and with unwavering kindness helped us make a dream come true, we have started The Mike Bromfield Fund. We have had several donors start this fund off and we would like to say thank you.

This fund is an investment fund linked to our bequest account where any monies donated to this account sit and accrue interest. The interest earned off of the capital gained from these funds will go towards providing those who cannot afford Equine Assisted Therapy and giving them a chance at healing.


the equinox trust

The Independent Code



Trust registration number:    IT1049/2014
NPO number:                 137-940 NPO
PBO number:                  930047278


Cell:     083 278 7382 (Fiona)
Cell:     072 126 1096 (Sarah)
Cell:     072 176 4262 (Nicola)

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NOORDHOEK – Our first venue is situated on a peaceful, private farm in Noordhoek, surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sound of the sea

DURBANVILLE – Our second venue is located at EQuivalence which is a lovely farm on the edge of Durbanville

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