The Equinox Trust has two main areas of focus: funded group programmes and the private sector. Our NGO funded programmes provide support to promote emotional well-being for communities in need. These programmes are for 6 participants per session and vary in duration depending on the needs of the specific group. They are run from various venues around the Cape Peninsula. These programmes make use of a modality known as Equine Assisted Therapy (E.A.T.) and Learning (E.A.L.), which involves participants working on foot with a herd of horses. Through the processing of the various activities they undertake, metaphorical links can be made to the participants’ lives, which allows the opportunity for change to occur.

Our offerings for the private sector include corporate team building, group and family sessions, and private therapy and emotional growth & learning for individuals, couples and small groups.

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  • Women Trauma Survivors Programme
  • Caregivers and mental health professionals support programme
  • Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital’s Forensic Unit
  • Youth at Risk empowerment programme

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* Equine assisted therapy, personal growth and skills development sessions for:

  • individuals
  • couples
  • families
  • small groups

* Corporate Wellness Package

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